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THETA HEAL with Robert

When your subconscious works for you, not against you, life unfolds with ease, in a direction that fulfills you.

Be aware of the real causes of all the obstacles in your life and release them

Process emotions, integrate virtues and healthy habits

Manifest the life you want

She asked  I’m something very specific - I’m not comfortable going into details because it’s personal - and it’s delivered. The results are very tangible and accurate.

For me, that’s the best part - the current, tangible results. By “results” I mean a very satisfactory, permanent solution to my specific problem while at the same time  growth on a personal level.

Bonus - it didn't take years of therapy. I recommend it unreservedly.


Robert is a very professional therapist who constantly invests in his education, develops his techniques and provides each of his clients with a personalized approach and therapy.
He is always available and can always be counted on. On one occasion, I had health problems while I was on a private trip outside of Croatia, and Robi readily jumped in and helped me solve the problem.
I would definitely recommend him as a wonderful person and a great therapist.


Aside from great and witty communication, what I love most is that Robert hits right to the heart of the matter. 

We find the cause of the problem extremely quickly, we throw ourselves into solving it and I can focus on what I want. Robert is a real example of a new age therapist - I no longer have to practice various techniques for months to make my life more beautiful, easier and better. Finally!


Despite the cheerful work atmosphere, excellent salary and colleagues, I was afraid to act relaxed and take the initiative in my work.

After the treatment, the environment remained the same, but I no longer felt fears. As a result, I took the initiative at work and more easily accepted the constructive criticism of my colleagues without feeling hurt or called out. I am much more relaxed at work now.


Honestly, I was quite skeptical before the first treatment. I did not feel any major changes during the treatment, eventually what he was saying made sense to me.

After the first treatment, I walked home and felt something was different. There was no more anger or hatred in me. 

After a few more treatments, things totally changed. I now approach people without the anger I used as a defense and without the fear I realized was lying beneath.


Thank you very much !!!!! He really knew what I was going through without having to explain much to me, and he helps me let go  their unconscious blockages and traumas. I am so grateful  that I found him  😇🙏 It is a real gem.  She recommended  I would Robert to all who  seek greater clarity or need support during a difficult period. Thanks again Robert  that you helped me achieve better  life !!!


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